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AMPSS Program Officially Kicks Off

AMPSS Program Officially Kicked Off January 25,2023

There was a joint meeting held with the Winkler Board, employees and representatives of Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd (The engineering firm selected to work with us on this important project). Below are the deliverables and project timeline we discussed and agreed upon at the meeting.


  • Inventory of physical assets, their age, remaining life and replacement costs.
  • Asset Management Software
  • Repair and Replacement Plan and Budget
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Budget
  • O & M Manual for daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance and operational tasks – including staff training for O&M and Regulatory Compliance
  • 5-year Operating Budget including reserves required for Repair and Replacement and Capital Improvements.
  • Determination of the need for a rate study.

Project Timeline:

  • September 2023 – Submit Draft Asset Management Plan to TWDB (Texas Water Development Board)
  • December 2023 – Submit Final Asset Management Plan to TWDB
  • January 2024 – Board Presentation of the Asset Management Plan and Implementation
  • February 2024 – All Hands Training for Winkler Water Staff
  • January 2025 – Implementation Report and Presentation

We are off to a great start and everyone at Winkler Water is excited about the opportunity to build a better system for our members.